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Inspired by something I saw on television.

Double Take

May 2, 2017

PROMPT: Turned to Stone

The parade was hot and stifling in the evening even though it was only just beginning. Making excuses to enter the nearest street toilet I could find to check on my makeup, I promised my boyfriend Caleb I would be right back. He nodded distractedly, looking into the colourful, mesmerising Mardi Gras parade. This get-up and costume took me a month to experiment, conceptualise and make. I was determined to see it preserved well into the night. Appraising my porcelain-white geisha face (triple layered, just in case), I added a touch more gel. Tonight, my boyfriend has promised me something exciting. I left the toilet, ready to delve into the festivities, only to walk into a couple - my boyfriend kissing the cheek of a girl who looked exactly the same as I did.


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