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I'm a young aspiring writer who has a passion for debate, music, theater, food, tennis, photography, and design.
" Sometimes the reason we smile is the reason we hurt." ❤️

Message to Readers

I'm no poet so if some rhythm or rhyming is off, please tell me! Thank you for reading!

Whimsical Limericks

July 17, 2015

PROMPT: The Limerick


I'm writing this as a distraction

My life's in disatisfaction

I'm making no sense

Hearbroken and tense

Here's evidence of anxiety reaction.


I'm trembling at the podium

Yelling into a mic made of rhodium

We can't lose this debate

Now I'm shaking with hate

As my opponents made a POI* filled with odium.


Click Click I just captured a rose

Highlighted with fuscia light it glows

I adjust my lens

And take one of my pens

To write some nature-inspired prose.


* POI = Point of Information


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