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Mallorie Cheves

United States

I am a junior in high school and an aspiring writer. I love video games, reading, cooking (and eating) , volunteering, playing the guitar, and of course writing! That's all there is to it, really cx

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I would like to receive positive feedback, however constructive criticism, such as redundancy or bad grammar would also be appreciated. I'm very grateful for any reviews, favorites, or follows that I receive, so thank you so much for all of the support, it means a lot! Feel free to comment on anything that stands out to you as well, thanks c:

The Prejudice Point of View

May 23, 2014

I remember the weeks I would spend in California with my grandparents, and for the most part these memories were nostalgic and worth reminiscing. Yet as a child who wasn't fully exposed to the corrupt minds of society, I was shocked when I heard my grandfather lecture me on why I should never date a black man. He emphasized the words scum, God's failures, and absolute trash, to name a few. His speech made me cry, and when my mother asked why I was getting so worked up over his opinion (although she disagreed with it as well,) I said, "How could you hate something so much?" My grandmother on the other hand opposed homosexuals and told me if I ever were one, she would disown me. I never understood why the color of someone's skin or a person's sexual preferences should be treated differently, and to this day I never will.

While I agree that eliminating cancer, HIV, or any life threatening diseases would be nothing short of a miracle, the world would be a much better place if prejudice didn't exist. I understand that as humans, we naturally judge a book by its cover, and seeing sights we aren't used to can be confusing as a child. What I do not understand are the citizens who walk to work every day, see a homosexual or a different race, and have the sheer audacity to believe that they are less human than the typical straight Caucasian. Petty arguments and grudges would be prevented in the future if we could help the world out by accepting people for who they are.

With diseases such as cancer, many resources would be needed and difficult to find. However in this said scenario, any and all resources are provided so that is beside the point. The only resources that we as a society would need that will always be at our disposal, in order to eliminate prejudice, is compassion and acceptance. It is very easy to look at someone's differences and therefore reject them as an individual because of them, but in the long-run it's a burden on everyone; a lose-lose situation. Although being accepting and compassionate is easier said than done, you will find that the world will be more forgiving towards you if you learn how to look at a poor man, a homosexual man, or a black man as an equal.

Who knows how long it will take before the world realizes that, as the Declaration of Independence states loosely, "all men are created equal." I'm confident that our mindsets will not change overnight, or even in my lifetime. However I do believe that we have taken a momentous step in the right direction throughout the duration of the last fifty years. I hope that my somewhat risque words of wisdom have left some form of imprint in you, and whether you choose you accept it or not is completely your choice because you are your own person. I'm willing to take a stand and provide people with acceptance and compassion, are you?

I apologize for being so direct in this essay, I understand that everyone has their own opinion and this might offend some readers. Regardless, I respect any opinions that you may believe, as hypocritical it may sound at this point.


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