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May 22, 2014

Yo. What up, playa?

No, I'm kidding. Contrary to what your terrible memory may think, we did not talk like a gangster in high school. Turns out, when your favorite words and "simulacrum" and "aperture," you just can't sound ghetto. It's really just a terrible shame.

Anyway, enough about that, look at you! Strutting out of college with your psychology doctorate, ready to cure every last criminally insane patient of their every mental ill. Or have you been soured into full-on cynicism yet? The water was poured into the glass, darlin'. It's half-full.

You know, I have this whole idea of where you are, what you're supposed to be like at this point. Project: Guardians should have at least one book out by now. Are you famous? We're supposed to be an author, sweetheart. We've been working on that damn thing since we were seven. I've already assembled its skeleton for you. All you need is to flesh it out and breathe some life into it.

New York City. Are you there yet? Does Dad still live there? If you answered "Yes" on both of those, I hope you guys see each other a lot. We... we worried about him a lot, during high school. Do you remember that fear, that terror? He was alone, and he was getting old. In the dark alleys, anyone can disappear. Even one of our invincible parents.

I want more for you than just a book and a degree and an apartment in New York, I really do. I want you to have friends, real friends, not just people you talk to in and between classes. You need people, sweetheart. You need a reason to leave your little shell. Go to the movies with Dad if he's still there. Get together a group for some tabletop games. Get a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Do something.

Just... I want you to be happy. Really, truly, honestly happy. I need you to be happy.

And please, oh please, don't give me some cliched "I found happiness in a marriage" or, God forbid, you had children. Oh, Lord, pleas tell me we do not have children. No matter the age, no matter the maturity, no matter the wisdom, we are NOT cut out for the parental scene. Stick to being an aunt. It has all of the benefits and none of the drawbacks. Plus, you have a horde of potential gamers to cultivate and plant in our sisters' homes. Lovely thought, don't you think?

I hope this decade will be kind to me, and I hope that you're someone I'm proud of being.

Love (because narcissism is beautiful),



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