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Stay Quiet

January 9, 2019


Stay Quiet.
Never speak. 
​Do not open your mouth.
Do not make a sound. 

​In a house.
​In a school
​In places that is touchy with your words. 
​With the words you say and use
​People are scared of you. 

​Ugly words form on your tongue
​You wish it wasn't fun. 
​Trying to back up what you said.
​Sometimes the truth is ugly in the light. 

​They hate the things you say 
​They hate the way you stare
They hate that you are not nice
​They hate that you hate your life. 

You started talking
​You started getting confident
​After fifteen years of being a shadow
You've finaly found your voice

That's what they wanted
​That's what they said for you to do.
​They wanted you to speak,
​But with regulations and restraints. 

​Is it your fault that you see a lot of bad? 
​Is it your fault that you was raised to tell the truth?
​Is it your fault that there you found a way to express your emotions,
​Better than cutting your arm and leaving scars? 

They wanted you to stop 
​So you did. 
​You found a solution
​They hate your solution.

Better to stay quiet.
Better to never speak.
​Better to keep you mouth shut. 
​Better to make no sound at all. 


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