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July 15, 2015

I glance out my window at the street and pull my bland black jumper closer around my dull grey dress. All around me match pillars of black, grey and white, the colours of Calteria. The builds of our fine city are all an ungly grey that reminds me of the grool they serve us at school. The houses that flank the main city centre are all box like with tiny windows and spread out slightly. We are fortunate enough to have gardens were we can add some colour to our lives but other than that we are not permitted to have colour in our lives whether it be painted on our houses or worn on our clothes. Black and grey are the national colours of Calteria and we only wear our national colours because we love our city.
The city itself is a tightly packed space of noise, pollution and despair. The tall office buildings are a dark grey and stand like stone pillars watching over all of us and waiting for someone to make a mistake so they can bring down punishment on them. The only building that has any colour in all of Calteria is the Justice building which is a gleaming golden colour that stands taller than any other building. The reason the Justice building is gold is because it shows how the government is the only place that has power, has a choice and can make choices.

We have sister cities too called Volteria, Alteria and Felteria but I have never seen them. We haven't had contact with our sister cities in years. But I do know that Alteria's national colour is all shades of red, orange and yellow, Volteria is purple and black and Felteria is blue and green. I've heard rumors that our sister cities are free, that the government doesn't have such a strong hold as it does on us. Here in Calteria we are not allowed to speak in public because it is seen as unethical and we have no music or celebrations because they are seen as time wasting. In school we are taught basic maths and English but most of the time we are taught about Calteria's proud history and how we are the most powerful of all four cities.

I often find myself lying in bed staring up at my grey roof dreaming of a world outside of Calteria where I am free to speak my mind and sing and dance to my hearts content. If anyone ever found out about my thoughts and dreams I would either be shot by the police or sent to the coal mines where I would be fourced to work in complete darkness for years without seeing the sunlight. Almost all people that go to the coal mines never come out alive.
Surrounding Calteria and beyond the coal mines are the great pine forests of the north. Many days I contemplate just vanishing into the ancient trees welcoming embrace and never coming back. My mother and father would mourn my passing but other than that no one would miss me and blink an eye. I would just be forgotten but most of all, I would be free from Calteria. I glance at the rucksack sitting at the foot of my bed and suddenly I am moving and shoving clothes, tinned goods and water bottles into it.

I don't process the fact that I am walking along the cobble stone streets or passing silent commuters on their way home from work. I am on auto-pilot and in a sort of daze and before long I am standing at the edge of the housing commission I live in and looking at the great northen pine forest. Between the tall tree trunks shadows walk and eyes gleam but there is alos freedom. I can smell it in the air and feel it deep within my racing heart. I take a small step forward onto the soft spring grass and turn to look over my shoulder at the grey city that has a cloud of smog hanging over it.
I will not miss it and it will not miss me. I can see the golden Justice building in the distance, gleaming in the late afternoon sun and taunting me with its beautiful colour. To the west I can see the coal factory and the blackened hills that are the mines. Perhaps one day they will all be free, perhaps one day Calteria will change for the better and it will be the wonderful and beautiful city it once was. Until then though I cannot live here so with one last look at my old home I turn and walk into the trees never to return. 


I would like to be imformed about any spelling mistakes because I am dyslexic and any feedback would be wonderful because I would love to become an author one day


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