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By: Felicitay

PROMPT: Fernweh

Postrainzeit: the state of the weather right after it rains

Origin: Post - After (Latin), Rain - Rain (English), Zeit - Time (German)

Part of Speech: Adverb

Pronunciation: /post-rain-zight/

Looking out of her window, Bethany could tell the weather was postrainzeit because the pavement was glistening and the colors of the rainbow were spilling across the sky.

Peer Review

I liked that this is a word I would actually use in real life at some point. Very practical.

Waiting until the weather is postrainzeit to go outside.

Reviewer Comments

You would know best of course, but this word does not seem to be an adverb. And adverb describes a verb.

Postrainzeit in the example is describing "weather" I believe, so that would make it an adjective.

I liked this word so much, I used it in a recent poem! ;)