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A Fascinating Obsession

July 15, 2015

It started when she learned to walk. Only my grandma had some knowledge of what could happen then. We kept the two bathrooms, one in the hallway and, which contained a shower/bath, a toilet and a mirror the size of a smart board, the other one was in my grandma's rooms and it was only two steps away, but it only had a sink and a toilet. My grandma's house is moderately old, so the doors don't really close well, especially the bathroom doors. Anyway,The older my sister got the longer her legs grew and the faster she became. Soon we had to enforce massive retaliation. It wasn't until this day that we decided to keep all the door in every house closed we all times, especially the bathroom doors. It was a Saturday and we would typically lay around all day and intently stare at you our devices and roam around the house or whatever. My grandma had been at choir rehearsal, when she came back she had treats like Danishes and yogurt.  I was watching V for Vendetta and when she came into the room I wasn't on the part when V was slicing and dicing all of the soldiers just before he got shot up. I chose the the peach yogurt when she offered it to me and my sister got the Danish. I left the room to get a spoon and on the way there I thought about how disgusting peach yogurt is about how idiotic I am for eating it. My mom noticed me leaving and asked me for some snacks too. So once I got the spoon I had to make a journey back to the room again to get another snack for her. I had just noticed that we didn't have any more plastics spoons when I heard my grandma scream at my sister, the only reason I went back there is because  she yelled , and when my grandmother yells it's the most amusing yell you can ever hear, so I  went back to the room to find my grandmother washing my sisters hands off in the hallway bathroom. when I asked her what happened she said that she went to go  get the sheets for the bed and she heard something splashing in her room; she went to go  look and found my enthusiastic sister swirling the Danish around around in the toilet. My grandmother had just caught her in the act when she was about to finish now juicy and flavorful Danish. My grandma went off on my sister and then everyone in the house for being irresponsible and not watching the baby. The only positive that came out of my sisters fascinating obsession is that everyone became more attuned to her whereabouts.


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