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Murder at Midnight

April 26, 2017


    As the sun sank, 14 year old Elizabeth Lanson walked out of her best friend, Kyra's, house. They had been friends for about 6 years and did everything together. They also didn't keep any secrets from each other. Elizabeth was an undercover detective for the company U.D.I.( Undercover Detectives International ). The U.D.I. had had several cases but Elizabeth wasn't sent to do them. Many had dealt with major crimes like robbery and murders. She was not permitted to risk death. "Did you have fun with your friend, sweetie?" asked Mrs. Lanson. Elizabeth glared at her mother and went to her room to call the U.D.I. Sadly, they didn't answer her. "Do you even know I am a detective?" she murmured under her breath. She fell asleep without even knowing it was only 6:00.


    She woke up at 12:07 PM to a scream from a house a few miles away. Suddenly, her phone rang. "Agent Lanson, we need you to be here right now," said the top detective at  U.D.I. Elizabeth didn't even reply nor tell her parents she was leaving. She ran outside and jogged about 30 miles to get to U.D.I. When she was there, Agent Gregg told her about her case. "14 year old Jaxson Beter was murdered at 12:00 exactly on 5th street tonight and I need you to collect evidence and figure out who killed him. Now..." Elizabeth's heart dropped. She recognized that name but couldn't quite wrap her fingers around it. After she was told all of the information and location of the victim, she walked out of the building. Her face went pale. Jaxson Beter is her boyfriend.


        Elizabeth couldn't bare to see her boyfriend's body lying on the street. Who could have had so much hate and kill him? is all she could think about. She collected the evidence, (black gloves, a black mask, and a bloody knife which she had to pull out of the body), and went back to her house to investigate.


    "Hey girl! What's up?" questioned Kyra who thought it would be fun to hang out that day. Elizabeth lied that she had a great sleep and she was doing perfectly fine. "So you seam upset. What happened last night?" she said. Elizabeth responded with the truth about the knife and the call and the death. Kyra kept the same face but Elizabeth could tell she was also upset. "Yeah. But I have some suspects," Elizabeth said as she changed her mood. Kyra was bouncing out of her seat to here the suspects. "Jessica Lincoln because she hates him. Also Jaxson's dad because he is a psychopath. He has been on the suspect list ever since he was accused of killing his wife," explained Elizabeth. Kyra had actually forgotten about that but didn't question anything. "So you only have two suspects? That's not the best," she exclaimed. Elizabeth replied a little too rudely, "Really? My boyfriend was killed and you care about how many stupid suspects I have? I certainly can count on you for optimism." She got up and left.


At home, she thought about other suspects. "It might be Kyra! She used to date him but then he broke up with her to date me!! Makes no sense at all!" She screamed. How could her best friend kill someone she loved? The thought drained out of her head and into a dream she had later on. 



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