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The Bulldozing Test

May 1, 2017


    Once upon a time there was a girl named Lauren Lincoln who lived in Nebraska. She was one of the smartest girls in her school. Although her school was changing, actually everything was changing. There was just a new president elected and his name was Tim Allen, although everyone called him The Bulldozer. They called him this because he literally destroys everything. The Bulldozer came up with a plan. He wanted Nebraska to be the smartest population in the world. He was a rival with the president of Canada, Ronald Dewey. Dewey just put some of his astronauts on Mars, and he was bragging. Well The Bulldozer wanted something to brag about too. So to make Nebraska the smartest population in the entire world he knew that he couldn't give everyone what they wanted, he had to make some adjustments. He made a set date for a test. This test would determine your fate, whether if you die or live. If you failed the test you would get killed because apparently to The Bulldozer that meant that you weren't smart. The test was supposed to be taking place on May 8th. Lauren was studying her butt off. She practiced every form of math she could think of. Even trigonometry! She practiced every single grammar rule she knew, and corrected herself when she messed up. She studied every single living organism. And she read hundreds of books about history. She thought she was ready. Although she was nervous as heck. May 8th was tomorrow! She went to bed at 7:30, because she knew she needed a good night's rest. Then she woke up, had breakfast, and got ready. Finally, she went to school. When she got there she realized that everything was gone. No matter where you looked there were tables in tiny rooms so no one could cheat. She went up to the line of students standing there waiting. "Get in alphabetical order," one kid said. So she went between two kids. One was named Danielle Lasset, and the other was named Michael Lomer. Then The Bulldozer came out with hundreds of proctors behind him. He said "We will call you by alphabetical order. You will go into your assigned testing room. A proctor will be in there with you to make sure that you are not cheating in any way. We will first start with the age category 4-6. Elizabeth Aaron is first up. Go to testing room A-01." His idiotic voice went on and on. Finally, Lauren's cousin was called, " Amber Parls, Room A-89!". " Good luck," Lauren murmured knowing she couldn't hear her.   

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