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How to adult

April 20, 2017

I don't want to learn about the Pythagorean theorem, or talk about the dinosaurs who died millions of years ago in science class. I want to learn about how to adult in real life, how to do taxes, how to cook and clean and sew, how to have safe sex and not have the only thing on the agenda be "Abstinence." I want to know how to buy a car, how to haggle, how to buy a house, how to rent a place, what are loans, what is the stock market, why is the adult world so complicated? 

Why should I have to learn about U.S. History when we've practically covered the same damn thing since seventh grade? Why should I have to spend my time in English in High School, when I already fluently speak the language? Why was french, and spanish and german the only languages offered? Why wasn't something like russian, japanese, chinese, korean, arabic, the languages that need the most translators and people who can speak it, why aren't those taught in our schools? 

Bring back shop, bring back wood working. Teach me how to create something from my own hands, a skill that will follow me later into life, instead of teaching me how to score high on these boring tests that we take, standardized tests, that make us into drones of ourselves. Bring back funding for the arts, for music, for dance, that allows our minds to reach new heights, to grow, to bend, because science and math and stem isn't everything in this world. 

allow kids to be kids again, to not have to dance a foot away, to not have parents chaperone the dances, with cameras at the ready. why is it that the heavy weight kids in high school always got away with walking laps around the track to get their heart rate up, but for the skinny kids, we had to run stairs, push ourselves, so we could walk away with even a passing grade? 

we're never taught how to do taxes, how to get a credit or debit card, how to adult in the real world when we're thrust out of high school, struggling our way through college. Bring back the important classes and leave the rest behind. Teach us skills not knowledge. Teach us wisdom, not facts pulled out of yester years textbook. Teach us how to live a life worth living. 


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