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Things I wish someone told me...a college student

April 20, 2017

1) Don't be someone's rebound, especially if you have feelings for that person. It's going to hurt you more, especially when they drop you like a hat. 
2) It's okay not to have had your first kiss when you get to college. Or that first date. Or even be a virgin. 
3) Don't let anyone pressure you into anything whether it's dating this person you kinda know or losing your virginity. 
4) You CAN tell people to fuck off, especially if they're just being a toxic person towards you. 
5) If you go to a party, NEVER leave your drink unattended. While this hasn't happened to me, it's happened to friends. 
6) Have a designated driver. always have a backup friend you can call in case your designated driver decides to get drunk. 
7) Start looking for a job six months before you're about to graduate. It'll save you YEARS of frustration. 
8) Workout. Even when you have no time. It'll not only make you feel better, it'll give you the motivation to get all of that hard work done. 
9) Don't drunk text. Sometimes it works out in the end, but most of the time you fuck up some good ass relationships.
10) Remember this, even when you're drunk you are technically responsible for your actions, as is everyone else. Also when your drunk: you're still the same you just your inhibitions are down. So whatever you said "truthfully," while drunk, is probably some feeling within sober you. 
11) Own up to your decisions. Never say, "this didn't matter," or "forget about it," especially when you were drunk. You might have forgotten about it, because you didn't remember in the first place- but the person who took care of your drunken ass hasn't, plus that's super hurtful. 
12) Put your notes or study guides into those plastic sheet thingies. Then go to a local gym that has a hot tub. Study in the hot tub. Also laminating your notes makes the tears roll right off. 
13) If your drinking in the dorms and you have security in your building, don't play super loud music. What happens is security gets a noise complaint, goes to follow up on the noise complaint, sees the alcohol and BAM! if you're under age. If you can, hold off drinking until your otherwise 21. 
14) Your health (and your mental health) comes first before all else. 
15) Taking a year off isn't a bad thing, taking four years off is. 
16) Networking is as important as your actual classes. Get to know a variety of people from all different backgrounds and majors. This will help you out someday, especially for a job. 
17) GO. TO. CLASS. 
18) Follow number 17, seriously. 
19) High school was not the greatest four years of your life. College well...isn't really either. 
20) Guys- just fucking ask the girl out. Once you leave college, your opportunity and convenience to meet women decreases significantly. Girls- if you like the guy fucking ask him out. Girls if you like the girl fucking ask her out. Guys if you like the guy fucking ask him out. Look, if you like someone fucking ask them out on a date. Be straight forward about it and don't drop hints. While you might get rejected once or twice, this will seriously help you out in the future. 
21) Don't be a "man child." 
22) don't tell other people that your problems are worse than yours. You don't know what they're going through. 
23) Don't tell people your major is better than their's or that your major has more work than their's. People like that are the ones I want to punch in the fucking face. Everyone's major is important and contributes to society. Even the philosophy majors, yeah that's right I'm talking about you Nathan!
24) Self-motivation is necessary. 
25) Don't go into a relationship for "all the wrong reasons" 
26) A "Break" in a relationship doesn't fucking exist. If you guys have to take a "break" your pretty sure you're going to "break up". A "break" is pretty much perpetual limbo/purgatory. 
27) Don't break up with someone and get back together with them just because you were lonely, or "being in a relationship is better than not being in one at all." 
28) If there are any signs of abuse mental/physical in a relationship and your friends are telling you this isn't healthy- GET THE HELL OUTTA DODGE MAN. Your friends are your friends for a reason, they got your back. 
29) Dudes- you will never be surrounded by so many people your age ever again. Take advantage, but not by sleeping with everyone but by finding someone you really enjoy spending time with. Once you graduate, this becomes so much harder, and you'll often wish "but what if..." 
30) Get skills, not knowledge. Especially get street smarts. In college, yeah book smarts are everything but out in the real world, street smarts are everything. If you can't interact with a customer via customer service for example, a lot of employers aren't going to be willing to hire you. 
31) AGAIN make as many goddamn friends as possible. Older, younger, your age, it doesn't matter. They'll be how you get jobs and shit in the future. 
32) There's a good chance that you will never have as much free time and as little responsibility as you do in college again, until you retire that is. Don't waste it. 
33) Ladies, go for the "nice guys." They'll treat you well and never use you, "nice guys finish last?" Please, the assholes just aren't worth your time. 
34) Don't shame someone for how much she has sex. Don't call her a bitch, or a slut, or a whore. What she does with her life is none of your concern. 
35) If two of you are fighting, don't let that person drive a car when they're angry. They can get all kinds of distracted and the worst possible thing could happen. 
36) Extroverts, get your introverted friends out and about once in a while. Introduce them to new people, be wingman or woman or person for them. 
37) If somebody changes gender pronouns, please be respectful. That goes for names as well. 
38) If someone comes out to you as bisexual or whatever, don't go around telling anyone. That's not your secret to tell, let them tell when the time is right. 
39) You will never know someone entirely. Every single person has skeletons in their closets who will never see the light of day. Everyone has secrets they will take with them to the grave. 
40) Blood is thicker than water, but sometimes water is just as thick. Your family is not only your blood, but your water, friends or coworkers and such. And sometimes that bond is stronger than what your family's got. 
41) Dudes if you've been "friend zoned," the gal just ain't interested in you. Find another gal and move on, trust me it'll hurt a lot less, and be pretty awesome. 
42) Everybody is bad at something. Not everyone is perfect.
43) don't go for a person whose in a relationship. Always make sure they ain't in a relationship beforehand. 
44) Ladies, always have sex with a condom. Don't believe the guy when they say they can "quick, pull out." 
45) If you're not comfortable with something you don't have to do it. Also if you're with someone and they don't understand the meaning of the word "no" dump their ass. 
46) Communication is the key to all relationships. 
47) Cuddles are the best thing on earth, not gonna lie. Cuddle buddies are awesome too so long as it doesn't go into hook up territory. 
48) Shorter dudes- taller gals love your height too, we don't really discriminate. Let gals wear heels, let em' wear combat boots. Be proud of your tall gals. Be the big spoon, pick them up and kiss them. Height doesn't matter. 
49) dick size also doesn't matter. It's not how big it is, but how you use it. 
50) last but not least, enjoy college to the fullest, it goes by ALOT faster than you could ever imagine, and sometimes you might even miss it. 


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