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At peace?

May 2, 2017

PROMPT: Open Prompt

I can't remember the last time I've been at peace. With myself, my life. There is constantly things to be fixed, to be thought out, planned. There's this constant to do list that never ends. I need to work on my relationships with my family. Get better grades, get into college. Work on anxiety, check on friends every few hours, extra curricular activities. Expand my knowledge, write more, read more, laugh more, cry less. Watch less Netflix, spend more time with my father. Be the best at whatever I do. Eat right, exercise regularly, stop looking at your cellphone. Be better, do better.
​And I wonder why I have this crippling anxiety that makes me sit and watch the ceiling, waiting for it collapse. Why do I have this pressure in my chest that feels like I'm under water?
​Does it ever change? Is life about being at peace? Or is it all about this chaos?


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