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​The Miracle Morning

April 20, 2017

You'll probably find a book about this very topic. But as per the prompt, I convey the benefits of a strategic morning according to me.
Well, you may be thinking, that why would someone prefer a miraculous morning, when even a late start to your day can sometimes bring wonders? The answer- it’s your state of mind.

The Miracle Morning
Being twelve, I used to be a tremendous lie-abed. But then, after my father uttered this advice, I never was one again. “Follow a ‘Miracle Morning’.” According to me, it’s “Follow a miracle morning to follow your dreams.”
In his book, “The Miracle Morning”, Hal Elrod discusses the benefits of waking up early. My father read this book and followed the advice. I didn’t read the whole book, but I’ve started following this advice.
A writer, as I aspire to be, has innumerable improvements to realise and make if he or she rises early and works with a fresh mind.

Why a Miracle Morning?
You go through a lot of worrisome decisions, stress, problems, and trouble all throughout the day. Admit it, you certainly do. In the morning, when it’s already time to get going to school or work, you go through a lot of tension. In the afternoon, you’re still at it, or you’re having lunch with a troubled mind. In the evening, homework, meetings, parties, revision for tests. And at night, dinner, and then sleeping with thoughts about your tomorrow. So what time remains, when you have nothing on your mind? Early morning, when everyone’s still sleeping, and you probably are too.
You can think more clearly, when it is quite outside in the dawn. You don’t know what’s going to happen all day, so no point worrying about it. Take this time to practise your strengths, your hobbies, or exercise.
There is no time like this, when you can think and get wonderful ideas, or have a lot of time, without anyone or anything interrupting your work. So, the solution- a miracle morning.

Let’s consider you are a writer. All through your day there’s noise and disturbance around you. So consider waking up early and improvising on your work, or making notes to avoid writer’s block, or even starting a novel, story, or a poem.
During the holidays, it’s awfully hot in India, where I stay. Unless we go on vacation, it’s safer to keep yourself occupied at home, in order to avoid being fried like an egg in the burning sun. But staying at home all day is beneficial for your health and fitness. In the evenings, you have studies. I have dance classes too. And I can write throughout the day, when I’m at home. So when’s the time for exercise?
So for a a few months or so, I’ve started getting up at seven or half-past seven, despite the unbearable drowsiness. Then I play basketball, and do yoga peacefully till nine, when the place starts resembling a furnace.

Another thing you have to consider is your sleep. You have to get enough sleep, if you want your brain to develop and to be energized all day. So for following a Miracle Morning, you have to go to bed early. If you are inspired by a miracle morning, then no TV, or parties, or late dinners or even working late at night.

I’m not asking you to be perfect, or to disrupt your whole routine for a miracle morning. A set routine is important for a healthy body and a healthy mind. But try it, go to bed early, and rise early. See the change in yourself.
“Early to bed, and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”


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