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a girl of color in a pale world

April 19, 2017


my daughter asks me why her skin is brown
  • like sweet milk swirled into bitter coffee
and why her eyes aren’t blue or green
  • “why are they so dark, mama? i want blue eyes like ashley novak”
she asks me why her thighs touch
  • “these jeans don’t fit, mama”
she asks me why her adolescent chest is forced into a bra
and why she can’t eat meat on certain days and weeks and months
she asks me why i wear a bindi on my forehead
everyday, and why i light a diya everyday
one day she shows me a painting she made,
and she’s the muse of it-
beautifully colorful among a canvas of blond and brunette,
of ivory and white skin; and she wrote:
                                                                            “a girl of color in a pale world”                                                                        
a question didn’t pass her lips ever again
a diya is a candle lit for worship/celebration by indians/and other cultures. a bindi is the "red dot" indian women wear on their forehead- it is seen as decoration and a symbol of marriage. 


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