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The Wreck

April 20, 2017


My last memory that keeps haunting me in my dreams constantly, is the glass windshield of my brother's car shattering into a million pieces.  The last noise that will not leave my mind is the sound of car horns blaring. The last thing I saw was my brother trying to save us but to no prevail. The last text I read was my boyfriend telling me that he will always love me. The last song I heard was the 'Proof of Your Love" by For King and Country. The last feeling I experienced was my happiness tangled in fear. My brother and I went hit the guardrail with the car and that memory will not leave my mind as I rest in the hospital trying to recover.

Chapter One
My brother Sam and I are only two years apart. Sam has always looked out for me considering that he is my big brother. My brother is the only family that has always been there throughout my whole life. When I was twelve years old and Sam was fourteen our parents died in a tragic car accident. A drunk driver t boned our parents car and survived with some broken bones.  Sam told me "Claire, I will always be there for you now that are parents are gone." I told Sam " Our parents are gone but their Christian legacy lives on with us and through us."  Our parents died shortly after getting to the hospital and their car was totally wrecked. Every since I was twelve i have feared cars because of my parents accident. Sam and I were picked up from school by our Dad's brother Nick. Nick took us to the hospital to see our parents and we were told they did not survive. I witnessed my older brother grip my hand in fear when suddenly I realized are parents were not coming home ever. My parents were now in Heaven and Sam and I were alone. I look up at Sam and sadly say " Mom and Dad are gone. Who are we going to live with? Who will take care of us?" Sam looked up me with sadness in his eyes and replied "If nothing else, Claire I will always be here but we are probably going to live with Uncle Nick and Aunt Hope." Uncle Nick looked at us with tears in his eyes and said "It is my duty to take care of you two now. Sam and Claire you will stay together because you two are still a family" My mind had wondered back to that memory while I was in Algebra. Currently I am 14 and my brother Sam  who is 16 just got his license a month ago.  Sometimes in math my mind wanders to old memories but today's memory happened to be a sad one. My teacher Mrs. Kepler says to the class " Class I now that all of you are excited for Summer break next week but I need you to focus for the next ten minutes." My best friends Kelsey, Lily and Vanessa look at me and start laughing. Kelsey says " I can wait a week for Summer but I can not wait for your brother to drive us places." Lily smirks at Kelsey and then says "Kelsey, Sam is so out of your league. I am just ready to be done with Algebra." I reply "I am done with math. Math is painful torture for me and its like I am trying to understand another language." Vanessa looks at Kelsey and says "Do you actually want to date Sam? I thought that was a joke." Kelsey laughs and says "Vanessa I promise you that I do not like Claire's brother he and all his craziness are all yours." After Kelsey says this we all start laughing. Kelsey is one of the funniest people I am friends with. By the time we finish laughing the bell rings telling us school is over and that we should go home. Mrs,Kepler clears her throat and says "Class, how many times do I have to tell you that I dismiss you not the bell. Now go home and remember we only have a week of school left." I grab my stuff and jet out of the classroom. By the time I reach my locker I am out of breathe and my friends are trying to catch up to me. Vanessa yells "Claire how in the world are you faster than me? I am on the track team, the cross country team, and the soccer team but you are only on the basketball and softball team. You are not supposed to be that fast." Lily and Kelsey shout together "Stop. Wait a minute. Open our locker and put our stuff in it." I start laughing so hard that I fall against my locker. Vanessa, Lily and Kelsey appear beside me laughing so hard that their faces are turning red. They all stop laughing and they collapse against their lockers. Lily looks at me and asks "Claire are you okay? You laughed so hard at Lily and I that you fell against your locker." I respond "I am good and I needed a good laugh anyway." All four of us open our lockers and pack up our book-bags. We slam our lockers shut, and turn around, and there is Sam standing there with car keys in his hand waiting. Sam says " Claire, Com on! Our first practice for our Summer basketball league is in 45 minutes and we can not be late. Plus you have softball practice after that for two hours. I recommend waiting to eat dinner after softball unless you want to barf while you get a home run." Sam laughs so hard that his brown hair falls across his forehead and he uses his right hand to push it away. he normally wears hair gel but today he forgot. Vanessa smiles at Sam and asks " Hey could you give me a ride? My house is only five minutes away from where you and C are going for your basketball league." Sam smiles " Sure Vanessa, I confessa it would be so fun to help you out." Lily and Kelsey start laughing and clinging to their book-bags to keep them from falling off their shoulders. I chuckle and then say "Whoever is rideing with us lets go. We are not getting any younger."  


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