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Hey! I’m Iris. Thank you for taking the time to read my works. Hope you enjoy!

Message to Readers

In my English class at school, we recently finished a unit on the Chicago Projects. The Projects were meant to help the poor people of the city find a home without paying too much, but they eventually fell apart after being overrun with crime and violence. We listened to a series of podcasts by LeAlan Jones and Lloyd Newman, and after listening to their first podcast, "Ghetto Life 101", I wrote this piece. Please enjoy!

Here is a link to the podcast, if anyone is interested in listening to it. It contains a wonderful yet tragic story of the lives of two boys living in the south side of Chicago.

A Tribute to "Ghetto Life 101"

April 18, 2017


We rugged children play in streets of death--
“Avoid them, darling.” “Look away, away.”
They say he’s fine, don't see him lose his breath.
No siren comes; cares no one anyway.
Disease runs wild, while food is running short.
The daily POPs and screams of shot-off limbs,
But look away for we don't need support.
Our only wish, please watch our future dim.
But since our time is short and we may fall,
We’ll do our best to make a lasting print
“It’s winter still, but school is out!”, we’ll call.
So jump and leap and sing and run and sprint,
‘Cause we don't care since we don't live life low;
We live our life- the life in the ghetto.


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