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Finding Da Wae: Da Annoyance

By: PineappleGirl

PROMPT: Open Prompt

    The evil Audrey. Annoying, rude, cry baby. These are all the traits that make me want to smack someone. SHE EPICLY SUCKS!!!!!!! Today I got into a fight with Nelli. Nelli told Audrey. Of course. So I told Audrey to get her nose out of my business, she started crying and now I suck. She sucks. Like, go die in a hole. I hate Nelli and Audrey. Ever hated someone so much that you wanted to slap them and then do when your falling asleep (you slap the person in your dreams, don't actually slap them, it WILL NOT end well). I get that all the time. So annoying. Anyway I hate everything, or I think I do.... Its confusing. In my school hating everything, and everyone, is cool. Do I want to be liked or do I want to be myself. In this century, I'd rather choose liked. I'd also rather not have others exist... you know who you are. Anyway moving, todays Halloween. Yeah? I'm having a little Halloween get together. Moving on... It's a new school year! I use code names for the people in my school (the kids in my school might sew me if I don't). Wait until you hear whats happening next.

This Me Signing Off,
Peace people I don't know...
I want to make a funny legal joke, but when my dad talks about loyal stuff I don't listen.

Message to Readers

This is the third chapter

Peer Review

i'd say, "So I read this really interesting piece today, read it and promise you won't get mad."

"The evil Audrey." This is the strongest part of this piece, because the entire writing evolves around 'The Evil Audrey.' Those three words, make the piece what it is.

"I get that all the time." Do you get told not to slap someone in your sleep, because it will not end well, or...

Reviewer Comments

"SHE EPICLY SUCKS!!!!!!!" Doesn't everyone? I mean, humanity sucks.