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Finding Da Wae: Da Rant Dat u Will Read

By: PineappleGirl


Okay. This is HILARIOUS!!! Lets start here. Audrey is awful. And I'm smiling while writing this. She is so annoyingly dramatic! A couple days ago she told the teacher that girls aren't picked to be on teams (in soccer) first EVER!! And then the teacher made all the kids who play soccer come have a talk with her about picking both genders for teams. It took 20 minutes, recess is 30. Here's the funny part: when she's team captain she only picks boys as well!!!!! I'm laughing so hard right now. Another thing: Audrey has this thing she does when she gets mad. She tucks her chin in, and widens her eyes and flares her nostrils up. She thinks it looks serious but actually it looks like she's about to have a baby, or throw up, or do some sort of fortnite dance, or all three... (read this next part slowly for special effect, or don't I couldn't care less) at the same time. Alright. So I was in class pretending to pay attention and thought to myself, "Hey I should introduce everyone!". Little did I know I was raising my hand and got called on, then publicly HUMILIATED. Like me on a math test, or when I say something the stupid, or when I speak the truth, or there is a rumor, or I'm just not paying attention. I really have a lot of ways of getting publicly humiliated. And people wonder why I hate them. Sure, I'm the dumb one. Ugggggggggg!!!! Am I ranting again, I think I might be. WHATEVER!!!!!! Anyway I'd like you to meet the people in my grade. I hope you end up hating them as much as I do.

This the author of whatever that was signing off.

Message to Readers

Chapter Four! Introductions will be coming as soon as I can be bothered to do so. I think a goal of year is reasonable, actually.... that might be pushing it.

Peer Review

"She is so annoyingly dramatic!" Because isn't everyone? You're either too dramatic in expressing your happiness, or too dramatic in acting like you aren't happy; either way: annoyingly dramatic!

I'm smiling so hard my face muscles hurt. I loved this piece! So emotion= *Insert happy emoji*

What grade are you in (or were you in), when you wrote this?

Reviewer Comments

Never stop writing! This was a really fun read, and I look forward to seeing more people 'in your grade.'