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Not too sure about the appropriateness of usage for "steeps in" - though I love the poetic image associated :') Anyway, isn't poetry allowed to be ungrammatical sometimes? ;-)

Thank you for stopping by. My writing is mostly inspired by random thoughts, real life, and any interesting thing that crosses my path. Hope you enjoyed the pieces here!

I'm (not really) Going Away

April 12, 2017

How many nautical miles 
do I have to traverse
before I can leave behind 
the aftertaste of my city-state?
The inspiration (or desperation)
steeps in grammes of paper and millilitres of ink.
Spent, from creating a universe 
of countless worlds and people, still I persist –
doggedly plodding through words and sighs
burning calories and midnight oils.

The air-conditioning blasts me goodbye.
No matter what goosebump-inducing degrees,
every Changi visit is a familiar sort of thrill
so I have gladly left home 
in my shortest of sleeves, barely functioning 
on the current of adrenaline.
The number of frames per second on my phone
will not be enough, I know, but then again –
how many square metres of heart room 
do I wish to make, and how many do I keep to here?
Changi Airport is the primary civilian airport for Singapore.

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