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:) notify me if there is anything, ANYTHING AT ALL, that is wrong with my poem, thank you.

Poetry's soul

April 11, 2017

There are times
As life goes by 
Your words are stuck 
Your heart is numb 
Walls of defense turns to crumbs

Your brain remains
But you're in pain
But don't take this time in vain

Improve yourself
Live life but learn
Rewards at end you'd be returned  
rewards of knowledge
rewards of strength 
reward for your heart 
Each measured in length
Use them wisely 
There's No need for sorrow
Careful on paths you go tomorrow

You'll understand 
There's no demands
Life will set upon your hands
So no pressure, no worries, 
No one's in a hurry

Time's no importance 
Although, you are,
So take on full charge
And do something large
You're capable of anything
If you just spread your wings

Soar high my friend
But till we meet again
For this isn't the end,
Be yourself and don't blend.


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