Amber Hummel

Acting Like a Team

May 22, 2014

PROMPT: Team Machine


When being on a team, you get to work for a common goal with people you may have known for a very long time, or have just met. This goal could be winning a single game or meet or even winning a state championship. For me, being on a team means showing a certain amount of respect to every teammate as soon as you step on the field, court, or step up to the start line. Every past thought against anyone and everyone goes away when you act as a team. When something happens outside of practice or outside of a game, no matter what had happened, when you come to a practice or a game you have to remember that you are a team. At that moment, team work that is all that should matter.
Just last week, the day before a big track meet, my track coach had told the team to run for fifteen minutes, which would be considered an easy day. However, some members on the team had acted foolishly and decided to hide from coach while everyone else ran like they were supposed to. As soon as coach found out, he had the entire team do extra sprints on the track. After every sprint, coach asked everyone if someone wanted to step up and apologize for hiding, or if someone wanted to tell those who hid, along with everyone else, how they felt about laziness. This brought tears from those who worked hard and tears of remorse from those that hid during the workout. We had become closer as a team that day as each of us remembered why we even joined track in the first place. Every individual on a team, when deciding to be apart of it, no matter if you play basketball, baseball, softball, or run, should be conscious of goals that should be made and achieved. They should be prepared to work for that common goal, no matter who they need to work with.


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