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Stressed Out

November 20, 2018


    I can't write. 
    I have tired. 
    It's been so long since I've finished a diary entry.
    It's been so long since I've had a break. 
    The words left my mind. 
    I've been drawing instead of writing.
    I think there is something wrong with me,
    But I know I am fine. 
    I got a new dude, my last one was a douche to me. 
    I bought a new car, because someone sandwiched my other one. 
    I got in trouble and can't see my life long friend. 
   My schooling is the same, but it's senior year.
    My parents tell me to be an adult, but they treat me like a child. 
    I've ran for my cross country team, but they want me off the team. 
    Mom hasn't been helping with the stress, she just let's everything go. 
    My real father has lied to me again, I blocked him and he can't reach me.
    The stress is overwhelming me, and I'm about to drown. 
    Would it be alright if I suffocated?
    Would it be alright if I disappeared forever?
    Just leave and never look back? 
    Life is not fair, so why play its game?
    Life sucks so why not go to a better place?
    Everybody wants me to be someone I'm not, why stay for them?
    I'm not good enough to please my parents, why try;
    When everything I do is wrong why try to make things better when it gets worse?
    Thoughts of Bad Things.
    Almost run away.
    When does this all end?
    When does the stress and suffocation leave the body....
    When does it leave the mind? 
    When will I be okay?


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  • Quille

    God Bless you :DD Have a good holiday :D

    11 months ago