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Out Hell and into Paradise and I still alive !!!

July 14, 2015

Who could guess that one day I’ll come to hold changing power inside of me rather than keep waiting the outer world to change for me?

I was an ordinary child in this huge world. I knew something was wrong about our life. The simple life we lived according to circumstances; a life surrounded with many expected fears. I might not have asked myself whether I could be special and live a happy life but I yearned to.

I was lost in this huge world but now I only know there exist two major kind of people: happy ones or miserable others.

They taught us something about life,  that we were simply acting in an already written scenario. Stubborn, I kept yearning for a hand to get me out of darkness. There is no worse thinking than that because the fact that man is free to choose between right or wrong is simply what distinguishes him from all other creatures!

I’m so nervous and I want to find a way. I just didn’t want to live a simple life or no, that was a life in hell !!!

Lost in a world with no reasonable norms. We only lived our simple stupid life with no specific high goals. Where evil people may live happier than good ones which have to suffer in hell !!!

I’m 15. I have many questions about life with no answers. I’m lost In darkness. In the time I want so hard to find a way.

Heart hurts to not see any way toward earth paradise. I didn’t even know about an existing one.

Totally lost in an unsense life envying happy people. I kept yearning to find a way. I might have had my own sort of believes different from my society believes but I was afraid. They stood there waiting an approval to be reflicted in my life.

Finally, and that was just like an answer to prayers of my yearning heart; silent tongue. I may know God clearly than ever and believe in his singlness like I couldn’t ever do. I’m happy and I’ve just decide to throw everything behind me and start a new beginning .

Finally daze separating me from paradise is being dispersed by him. It’s like a revolution inside of me. In the time I’m happy by finally finding a way I also realized I have to work hard to get out of hill and into paradise.

He Turned my attention to an existing paradise on earth. Through his mesengers. First taught me I’m the cause and I can choose. Second encourages me to go over every single idea building up my life.

I realized then that I’ve been years not aware what is it to be a “human kind”. That may be asking about life and seaking answers that goes with intern instinct and I didn’t. That routine of life took me away from seaking truth and only truth.

Now I can see justice, peace, and happiness and I'm able to live them. before I could just see myself all alone in this universe. Now I’m happy cause I believe God Promise us to live paradise even on earth while following universe norms guiding toward happiness.

I hated seeing the (angel) low and that God Make him suffer on earth to taste his patience. Every time I remembered they taught me that and that I may be one of these (angels) I shuddered and upped my head with honor.

Now I’m aware that was just human made dirty world. That God Gave us the choice and two big different ways in life good or evil.

He Took my hand and it’s enough to love Him forever now it’s my turn to spread love for everything in this huge universe.

It’s just the beginning and I can see how beautiful is my earth paradise. At the end of daze I see my furtur  full of expectations. I whisper with a happy smile and thankful existence:

“How beautiful is life!!!“




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