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Mistaken For a Song

December 5, 2018


 I screamed a thousand times.
I hit the walls,
I buried my face in my pillow,
I lost my voice,
I did so, so much.
I tried telling the truth.
I tried asking for help.
Screaming over, and over, and over, but no one listened.
My scream was mistaken for a song. 
Sorry that I didn't tell you sooner.
Sorry you found me covered in cobwebs. 
I'm sorry.
Are my words perfectly crafted?
Do you hear me now?
Or am I still a song bird? 
Trapped in your cage.
Entering is so much easier than escaping.
Forgiving is harder than leaving.
Screaming is easier than talking.
Hiding is easier than facing the truth with my tear stained cheeks, and bloodshot eyes.
I didn't sleep for days afraid of the nightmares.
I hid for weeks, not wanting to face the sun. 
The sun abandoned me, why should I forgive it?
The shadows adopted me.
The spiders suffocated me.
I'm lost.
Come find me,
show me you love me.
I don't like our situation,
Why are things like this?
Why do things always have to be so dramatic?
Let's just forget everything, run away, smile, and drown ourselves in euphoria.
No more tears; no more judgement. 
No more.
No more.
No more.
No more anything.
Let's bury ourselves and rise, new people.
I want to change.
I want to change everything. 
I want to die, and come back someone else.
Someone not me.
Forgive me.
Forgive me.
I love you.  


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