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By: Helen Grant

For those intrepid explorers who are new to Aviaria, we strongly recommend that you wait for a clear, still day before venturing into the city. If nothing else, this will allow you an easy journey up there - the rushing, buffeting winds can make for a terrifying first kestral ride (although please rest assured that all Aviarian chaubirds are fully trained and RCB checked*). It should also be noted that given the somewhat limited nature of the Aviarian nightlife (all citizens save for the owls drop their cage coverings promptly at sunset), visitors ought to make firm plans to leave by twilight.

But enough of the dull practicalities! Aviraria is a city of beauty, culture, music; a city of a thousand cages trailing from the clouds, shivering in the breeze, ever on the move as the heavens and skies drift over the hushed earth. She is breath-taking from first glimpse, sunshine and moonlight alike glistening on her glassy arcs and silver chains, and on the jewel-bright wings of her citizens; and even through deepest mist she may still be known, from the haunting, heartbreaking song falling from the diamond lips of her people.

There are no roads in Aviaria, but tight-ropes, strung from cage to cage, opera house to restaurant to public garden to bird bath. Most residents choose to fly, however, and in the spring the city air is thick with the perfume of tumbling blossom, gifts and treasures from one citizen to another. This is the time of the Nidum Festival, when everybody is out and together, building and rebuilding relationships through the shared labour of cleaning and renovating the cages. Exquisite dishes are prepared, water is collected from the twinkling streams of the nearest forest, and the Aviarian Choir perform the Aviarian Aria, Vermes Suaue, Panes Non. There is neither sound nor sight to rival such beauty.

Currency varies depending on the species with whom you are dealing. Bring a mixture of twigs and shiny things.


*Reliable and Companiable Bird

Peer Review

"A city of a thousand cages trailing from the clouds, shivering in the breeze, ever on the move as the heavens and skies drift over the hushed earth."
It's very easy to picture. You lead the reader to seeing exactly what you envisioned.

Whimsical, amicable, loving (in the caring and supportive manner)

I'd like to know a lot more about the inhabitants and the various species and their customs.

Reviewer Comments

Nice job! I'd really like to see you write something with this place.