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This was somewhat inspired by an impression of the song "Masters of War" - although this poem isn't based on war, I think the concept of money extends to wars (in the sense that only with experience will you truly understand its price).

I'm not sure if the last stanza should rhyme as well? I thought stopping the rhyme would focus more on the dissonance of the scene. :')

((vaguely considering whether to submit this as for the poetry competition this month haha))

making money from your hands

April 10, 2017


Go quickly or slowly; take your time
take the shiniest pair of scissors you can find.
Slice the thin green paper line by line –
you’ll never see money shredded so fine.
Turn them into grass blades in the field,
sharper than embroidery needles still.

Maybe people will finally see and understand
the value of laborious money if it draws
from your hand a scar
so deep you will never forget.


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