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10 things about me (in threes)

By: Josephine O'Grady

PROMPT: YOU in threes

Three specific, physical descriptions:
. I have lots of brown freckles that sprinkle my face, shoulders, and arms. 
. I have watery blue eyes.
. I have long legs.
Three sources of comfort:
. Unsweetened ice tea.
. My big, yellow dog.
. My notebook.
Three qualities that make my life singular and/or unusual:
. I am homeschooled.
. I often keep to myself.
. I live in a small town with not a lot of kids.
Three adjectives my peers would use to describe me:
. Kind.
. Fun.
. Different.
Three adjectives my family would use to describe me:
. Confident.
. Kind.
. Smart.
Three adjectives I would use to describe myself:
. Observant.
. Bright.
. Creative.
Three flaws:
. I sometimes snap at my family for no reason at all.
. I hate people who I don't like, but don't understand.
. I am often shy at times when I need to have my voice.
Three pet peeves:
. People who gossip.
. Humming.
. Big crowds.
Three beliefs I hold:
. That there is a god out there.
. That reading and writing every day will get me somewhere.
. That because the Earth gives to us, we must give back to her.

Three questions I have:
. Why can't justice be black and white?
. Why do people find selfies so fascinating?
. Why don't I see more people reading?

Message to Readers

Another version of my response to this prompt...thanks for reading! :)

Peer Review

Three flaws. I believe that even though they may be thought of as negative, they are a part of who you are, and without them, you wouldn't be you.

I would like to know about your hobbies (other than reading and writing). I want to know about what interests you most in our world.

Yes, specifically the physical descriptions, as well as the friend/family/personal description of yourself (personality wise).

Reviewer Comments

I love this! You are a very unique soul, and I love how you don't mind! It's so empowering to know there are people like you who aren't afraid for people to see their true colors! Thank you for sharing this, and I hope you continue to share more of your beautiful art with the world. - Ethan W.