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If a particle of your observations tugs at you a certain way, don't forget to write it down.

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Another version of my response to this prompt...thanks for reading! :)

10 things about me (in threes)

August 10, 2015

PROMPT: YOU in threes

Three specific, physical descriptions:
. I have lots of brown freckles that sprinkle my face, shoulders, and arms. 
. I have watery blue eyes.
. I have long legs.
Three sources of comfort:
. Unsweetened ice tea.
. My big, yellow dog.
. My notebook.
Three qualities that make my life singular and/or unusual:
. I am homeschooled.
. I often keep to myself.
. I live in a small town with not a lot of kids.
Three adjectives my peers would use to describe me:
. Kind.
. Fun.
. Different.
Three adjectives my family would use to describe me:
. Confident.
. Kind.
. Smart.
Three adjectives I would use to describe myself:
. Observant.
. Bright.
. Creative.
Three flaws:
. I sometimes snap at my family for no reason at all.
. I hate people who I don't like, but don't understand.
. I am often shy at times when I need to have my voice.
Three pet peeves:
. People who gossip.
. Humming.
. Big crowds.
Three beliefs I hold:
. That there is a god out there.
. That reading and writing every day will get me somewhere.
. That because the Earth gives to us, we must give back to her.

Three questions I have:
. Why can't justice be black and white?
. Why do people find selfies so fascinating?
. Why don't I see more people reading?

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