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To answer a common question I get my inspiration from observation of myself, other people and usually day dreaming :)

A Spoken Word

April 9, 2017

Its hard to say a spoken word
When often they are not heard
Often to action we are spurred
Screeching, screaming
Words seem absurd 
But what do we learn?
From destruction and death
From medals to earn
For taking life through spurn and hurt

Only that we can.

That we can kill
That we can cause famine and ill
Till bodies lie still

Words can hurt too, don't get me wrong
But they can motivate, create, breed hope from hate
Before it's too late
Before we've forced us into a dystopian state
A better world we'll make
Before our hearts ache
For those who were victimized and traumatized 
And the deaths that get generalized 
The innocent who get despised and chastised
And the cruelty that gets disguised. 

So maybe its better to have a spoken word
But one that get's heard
Allows opinions more than actions
Less rash reactions

Then we can protect
Take action that is measured and correct
All that needs to be heard
Are our spoken words.



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