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July 15, 2015




Have you ever thought of a girl as weak or all fancy and "la de da"? If you have your wrong. When a girl is told that they can't do somethig becuase their a girl they lose there confidence. That means girls will be limited to all of there decisions. Girls all around the feel like their in a box, limited to all there life decisions. The cuase of this is Our world says girls can't to surtan things becuase of thier gender. What we can do to stop girls from loseing their confidence and quiting there activetys is we can tell girls to believe in them selfs. Over all girls feel like there limited leads us to look at these other problems. 

Problem: Girls around the world feel like they are limited to there life decisions.

1 Girls confedence drops during puberty.

If your a girl do you ever feel like you lose your confedence? Girls cofidence usally drops during puberty. Callie Schaefer feels less confedent in gym. She is less confident knowing the fact that her peers can judge her on her looks and the way she runs. Eighty nine percent of girls ages 16 to 24 say there is pressure for girls to confurm to the way a girl is supposed to feel and act. Sevety nune percent of girls who believe that socity puts girls in a boxs think that if socity stopped pressuring girls, they would be more confident. during puberty girls lose exposer to the skills and expeirieces that increase confidence. CNN article

2 Girls are quiting there sports activites beacuase they are being judged.

When girls are judged by how they look they think they can't do surrtan sport activities. people think girls can't do certain sports because of their gender. Some people think sports is only a "guy thing". Girls are never encouraged to play baseball. In high school girls are told they can't play base ball they have to play softball. One girl was told if she wanted to play baseball she would have to learn how to play softball. In the world there are not many girls baseball teams. One girl was told she had to learn the soft ball pitch. She tryed it and she said it just didn't feel right. she told the couch she tryed but she did not like it. The couch told her then you will have to go agenst the "big bad boys". She felt afended that the couch didn't think she didn't have what it takes to go agenst the boys. This lets us go to our cuases.




Cuase: People say girls can't do surrten things beacuase of there gender.

1 Girls are being juged by there looks when they decide to make a decision that does not match how they look.

When girls are tolded they can't to this that lowers there self esteem. when girls were being bullied they were not happy that they had to follow the feminine trait. Without bullies girls do sports say and make decisions on what they want.When girls are told they can't do wreasiling becuase they are weak and a girl they lose there confidence. being a girl means you can make decisions in your life without worring about what other people say. Girls feel like they are in a box , limited to there own life decisions.



2 Girls get stressed about puberty when they develop earlier than there peers.

When girls are stressed about puberty they can get moody. They are usally emotinal about small things. Some girls will be bullied becuase they develop earlier.If a girl does develop earlier she would probally worry about her peers noticing she gained more weight or looking more adult like. When a girls go through puberty they can get very sensitive and can lose there temper sometimes. Many girls go through many mood swings for 2 minetes you can feel confident and in 2 more minetes you can feel depressed. When girls grow faster than there friends this can make them feel very consicious about how they are growing up. Many times girls and boys will feel overwelmed about there new responsibillities. WE can try to help girls over come this. Which leads us to our solutions.







Solution: WE should tell girls to belive in the selves.

1 Try to meditait every day after school.

When you meditait after school try to breath deep breaths. You would probally want to lay down in a qiut room and just try to calm down. It solves the problem of stress over puberty.

2 When girls are feeling stressed take a picture of your power pose and post it on twitter with #likeagirl or show it to your friends.When you take your picture show your self in a pose as if you just acomplished something big. If you don't have twitter show it to your friends at school. This helps girls feel more confident in them selves.


3 talking to an adult about how they solved there problem is a good idea. You can get other ideas from people. A adult can answer most of your qustsions. This can help girls over come there stress problems on puberty.

In conclusion girls feel limited about there life decisions. This happend becuase our world says girls can't do surrtan things becuase of there gender. We can stop this by telling girls to believe in them selves. All though people say girls are weak and fancy, we can change that by standin up for girls all around the world.



Being a girl means you can make decisions in your life without worrying what other people say.


Imagine yourself in a box and your limited to your decisions, people tell you what to do every day.


Somtimes when you don't have confedence you have to tell your self to belive that you can do it. No one was ever born with confedence.



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