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United States


July 13, 2015




Problem: Girls around the world feel like they are limited to there decisions.

1 Girls confedence drops during puberty.

2 Girls self esteem/confedence.


Cuase: Our world say girls can't do surrtent things becuase of there gender.

1 Girls get overwelmed on T.V. ads about people over weight.

2 Girls get stressed about puberty when they develop earlier than there peers.




1 Tell girls to belive in them selfs.

2 When girls are feeling stressed take a picture of your power pose and post it on twitter or show it to your friends.


Being a girl means you can make decisions in your life without worrying what other people say.


Imagine yourself in a box and your limited to your decisions, people tell you what to do every day.


Somtimes when you don't have confedence you have to tell your self to belive that you can do it. No one was ever born with confedence.



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