Samuel Mauller

Somewhat Country

May 23, 2014

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Since I was two years old, I have been playing music. Everything from piano, drums and brass. Most of the time I can handle listening to any type of music, except for classical, but my favorite is country. So country music is always the largest playlist on my phone and iPod. It is the easiest to play instruments to while playing by ear because the music will generally repeat the same beat more than once. Over the years of listening to country music, I have developed a characteristic of dressing like ranchers and some of the popular singers. I haven't grown up on a ranch or anything, but I have always been a land worker. So most generally during the summer I'm out on the tractor either moving wood or sometimes plowing. Most people think that I am from the south by the way I dress and sometimes even talk. I only dress in a country style way because of the landscape work I do and the country music I have started copying. The style that country music is made with is somewhat different than other types. Yes all music can tell a story or have a meaning, but country is different. Living the lifestyle I have lived, I can relate better to the country lyrics. The music and tones that are played don't just sound good, but the words that are sung have a purpose behind them. There are songs about love, beer, war and so on. The songs are not just a bunch of words thrown together to make a rhyme. They are words that tell what someones life is like. For me there is a song tilted, "Small Town USA" by Justin Moore. The song reflects on the small town that Moore has grown up in. This song I can relate to because of the town I live in where everybody knows everybody. The fact is just country home grown is sometimes better than the fast pace of the city. Country can describe my character all day long to any song. That's the way I was born and that's the way I will live.


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