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My name is Bo. That is all you need to know. Hey- that rhymes!

Why My Room Is Always Messy

April 20, 2017

My room is like a minefield, 
Every object a painful memory, 
A reminder of the past. 
When I try to clean it up, 
I notice something that makes me stop. 
I sit down with it, 
And let memories flood into my mind. 
Some make me feel desperately lonely,
And others remind of how happy I was.
But all of them hurt. 
In a wonderful sort of way. 
In my head, I want to look to the future, 
But in my heart I want to never forget anything, 
Stuck in the past. 
What makes me more sad than memories, 
Is the realization that they aren’t there anymore. 
A memory is a beautiful thing while it lasts, 
But sometimes, 
It’s good to let them go. 

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