Maia Wilson

United States

Scandal on the Tennis Court

July 11, 2015

    Thursday afternoon I received a text from my coach. It said, "All players if you want there is a tour tennis clinic in Summerville, fun day and we are going to have practice afterwards." I replied, "I will be there." 

     Arriving at Doty Park and having an event there was exciting. I know I was going to have a good time playing and being with friends. After awhile there was arguing going around on the courts. Two older men were fighting, then you had parents almost getting loud. It was ridiculous. Even being on the court I had to talk back to a woman much older then myself, because she spoke negatively to me. I was upset and really wanted to go home but me playing tennis and my passion for the game made me stay. Giving myself a pep talk and letting things go really helped. After the event my team from town still had practice. Three of us played a doubles match. My partner was my coach. The game was getting intense and their was a lot of competition. Plus, alot of talking as well. As we were playing the same two people that think they're the best continued to laugh and be very childish. Things started to get heated, comments started to get thrown back and forth. Really bad sportsmanship, but by that time, no one cared. As we were switching sides it was my turn to serve for the next game. My rude apponent didn't even give me the ball she had. I noticed and I said, "I need the ball. You could have given it to me."  And then she said, "I could have but I didn't."  My body was changing because I tensed up and my mind started wandering, thinking negative. After that we had to go to the net and shake hands. My handshake wasn't truly sincere it was more like a hand slap to both apponents.

     Disrespect gets you no where. Acting on it doesn't get you anywhere either. It messed up my game. I'm imagining pictures in my head: fighting her, yelling and being disrespectful back. But I had to think about my coach. He was giving me tips about playing tennis. There are different states of playing tennis, the physical and the mental. Mentally, I should not let people get in my head. He told me he loves me like I am his own and I started crying. I didn't know his feelings towards me and my tears stained my mom's shirt. 

    That night when I went home I texted my coach and apologized to him. I had never been aware of his feelings toward me and it made me realize I really have a support system.  I displayed the bad side of me. I couldn't help it, it just came out. My next practice I will have to suffer the consequences. He told me I had to run ten laps of two courts when I come to practice this coming Tuesday. I never thought he was going to do that but he feels I can go to the top of the tennis game and so he is hard on me. 

     The lesson I learned from this experience is never let someone get in your head. Let people act ignorant, but don't act upon it. I learned that night to let people show their ignorance, but never let it interfere with my tennis game.

    Hopefully, I will keep this lesson close to my heart everytime I am stepping on the court.

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