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July 11, 2015

     Liberty Street in downtown Charleston is where the heart of our summer was. Adventure Girlz was centered in about five of the dorms there right off of King Street which is the lifeline of Charleston. I distinctly remember one day at the camp when the idea of "Story of Self," was introduced to the group. Basically our life stories were to be writtem in our journals. I thought for sure me and my sister's  would be the same story of our father as the group started working hard.

      That night we split into two groups to give each other feedback on ur stories. One group went to a dorm room and my group stayed in the lounge area. The lounge had a color scheme of mostly blue with accents of green. There were two couches facing eacn other and chairs in front of them making an open square. There was also a tv stand in the corner but none of us used it.  Bieng there was fun because you could look down on the lower lounge are and the kitchen past a set of stairs and a half wall. We were all friends, so walking in the room had a light mood. 

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