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Trying to make this my motto for life

either do something worth writing or write something worth reading
-Benjamin franklin

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Just a 14 year old girl with way to many half filled notebooks, a low key Harry Potter obsession, a weakness for Disney songs and a leaky fountain pen. When life pulls you down just look at the night sky and see god there.

At the Waters Waves I Wait

May 31, 2017

at the waters waves I wait,
where the wind howls ,
where the white gulls soar on weathered wings,
and whispered secrets by the wind are whipped,
lost within the swirling wailing whiteness of the sky,
when the day is waning,
still I wait beneath the white washed sky. 
wait for when with worthy encore come,
Who when the wait is over will arise,
the wrens of the water woefully serenade,
and whales wake to wonder while the water washes away the woes of wasted wishes,
because he is here.


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