My feels!


Reading is what I do most of the time.
Authors are whom i understand .
I find my passion in doing calligraphy, swimming, cycling and living free.

Message from Writer

Explore,read, learn, create, indulge yourselves in the art of creativity.Be free, feel every bit of your life and turn it into poetry, prose or an essay .Writing will carve a new person out of you.


May 13, 2017


     Curls dropping from my head,
     they are as complicated as the 
             occuring in my head.

         Stirring the sugar in coffee
          like the people who bring 
                 woes into my life
                  but i'm carefree.

              I toss and twirl my hair  
           and bang my heel on the floor,
          telling the people that I am soar
             and there is nothing but love
                    that I can share.

            I buy books which are like me-
               deep and strong as the sea
        I see around and secretly book sniff,
           trying to be as childish as i can be.

I dance on the clattering beats of the downpour,
endeavouring to wash off the pain that i carry 
                         in my heart.
       Although bearing the pain is my art.


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