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Man's Bestfriend

By: Vannah


Dear Haze,
I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
You are the most special kind of friend.
You made me laugh,
and learn.
We played games together,
I gave you baths, I gave you hugs,
I gave you treats, and I gave you love.
You kissed my cheeks, you climbed up into my playhouse.
We grew up side by side. 
You were my best friend,
I was your best friend. 
I hate to say goodbye, so I'll say hi. 
 I want to say hi to the endings,
new beginnings,
and feelings.
I hate, hate, hate leaving you,
but now is the time.
I love you Haze. 

Message to Readers

Bye Haze...

Peer Review

I love the line I have highlighted because it's so perfectly describes the relationship between a person and their dog.

Bittersweet, I am sad because Haze left this life but happy because he is in a better place.

Where did you come up with the name Haze?

Reviewer Comments

Thai is a beautiful piece, I also lost my families first dog Lady a couple years ago. Reading this made me remember all the great times we had with her and how special she was. Thank you for sharing this it really made my day!