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A second chance

March 30, 2017

PROMPT: This I Believe

I believe in second chances.
Not just giving other people one, but receiving one from yourself.
So many of us can stand in a crowd and still be alone.
We can have a smile on our face and still feel broken inside.
We can move mountains, yet still feel like we've done nothing.
Like we're nothing.
I myself used to be one of these people. I went to a school were they didn't care one bit about you if you didn't get perfect grades. They didn't care or hard you tried or how much soul you put into it.
It wasn't enough.
Eventually, they broke me. I hated myself and felt like the world did too. I stood out as a student, yet was insignificant to others. After a while I could barely even pretend to be happy. Yet no one knew, not even those closest to me. Or myself for that matter.
It felt like it was all my fault that I was sad. No, not even sad. Depressed.
I needed a second chance, and one day I got it. For my brother was transferring schools and my parents allowed me to do the same if I wanted. I was hesitant at first. I felt like maybe, just maybe, I could still be happy at my old school. And I was scared. Scared it would happen all over again, and that this time I wouldn't even have the benefit of having gone to one of the best schools in town.
I had two options at that point:
  1. Stick it out at my old school, which could possibly create better career options later in life.
  2. Go to a new school for a chance at happiness, or something even worse.
One day is all it took to decide. That one day was the day I got to try out the other school.
It was a whole new world.
That one day showed me what life could be like. A life that was mostly sunshine, with only the occasional cloud in the sky. Much nicer than the hurricane every day at my old school.
So I gave myself a second chance. I transferred schools and started believing in myself again. I found some real friends and reconnected myself with the world, especially my family. I started chasing my dream to become an author, and now my first short story will be published within the year.
All it took was for me to allow myself hope. To believe life could be better. To believe in myself and my capabilities.
To give myself a second chance.
Something you should give yourself too.
This I believe.

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  • pencils.and.paper.roses

    I wish you were able to like pieces more than once! I really love this one!

    almost 3 years ago