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Moving on

March 30, 2017

PROMPT: I Remember

I remember, your hands in mine,

That felt like a tale as old as time. 

I remember, your lips on me,

As satisfying it was to be. 

I remember, you screaming at me in frustration,

About my wanting of liberation. 

I remember, you leaving,

As the the tears started streaming.

I remember, your hesitance,

As if you still wanted my presence. 

I remember, you left without a trace,

With me feeling like a disgrace. 

I remember, the time that went by

When you were gone,

As if if life had become a sad song. 

I remember, how that ended,

As my life became splendid.

I remember, how I moved on,

Because it wasn't something to be dwelled on. 

I remember, looking back in regret, 

Now glad that I chose to forget.


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