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Question Everything

By: Alicat1430

PROMPT: Beyond Reason

Do the flowers sway for the wind
or does the wind blow for the flowers?
Does the man in the moon ever speak
or does he only listen?
Do the musicians play for the dancers
or do the dancers dance for the musicians?
Does the girl run to be chased
or does he chase because she runs?

Do the singers sing for the people's money
or do the people give their money to hear the singers sing?
Does the man cry for his dying wife
or is his wife dying to hear him cry?
Do you listen when a baby cries
or do the babies cry to make you listen?
Does the boy chase because she runs
or does she run because he chases?

Peer Review

"Do the flowers sway for the wind
or does the wind blow for the flowers?"

Although it is a simple imagery, I can imagine a field of flowers swaying gently in the wind, which is very soothing to me. It also introduces a personality to natural elements.

Reviewer Comments

Lovely ideas and it certainly made me think in a different manner. I would like to see other types of questions as well (not only questions which challenge different perspectives) to lend your poem diversity but otherwise, I enjoyed reading this poem!

Wishing you all the best with your writing endeavours! Keep up the good work :-)