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Y'know, I really hope I can pull off the cool mysterious deep writer persona. That'd be sick.

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This one kinda got away from me.

Sweet Sounds

March 29, 2017


The cats paws pad across the old wooden floors, squeaking slightly.
Hard rain pounds on my rooftop, the wind howling. 
Soft laughter from my mother, it's like a warm summer breeze.
Harsh hissing from disgruntled cats.
Swift water running through the peaceful forest, calming my restless soul.
The annoying, and frightening buzzing from a bee.
Smooth waves crashing against the shoreline, inspiring you to be the best you there is.
The thud of a human heart. You hold the person in your embrace, and listen to their heart,
their life, their hear tells you a story.
A sweet little
Bringing tears to your eyes you feel their life, so close to your head.
Their heart,
their life,
their organ,
So close,
so close,
so close,
not close enough.


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