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Y'know, I really hope I can pull off the cool mysterious deep writer persona. That'd be sick.

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A story written from my cat, Cleo's P.O.V.

Giants And Naps

March 27, 2017



    Early in the morning I leap from my bed, and scratch at my door. The stupid giant is laying on her big bed, sleeping. Who's going to let me out? I really have to pee. And sniff flowers, and hunts birds. I have a long list of things to do. My name is Empress, because I rule this fortress, but my people call me Cleo, and pat my head, because I am such a magnificent ruler. The stupid giants think they're in charge. Those idiots... I rule this fortress. It's me who does the hunting, scratching, hissing, and I investigate all the paper bags to make sure they're safe. Now, where was I, sometime's I get side tracked. Ah yes, I have to be let out, but my stupid giant is sleeping. Furiously I scratch at the door until another giant comes by and frees me from my chambers. I don't know why they put doors in, This is my fortress, and the doors are way to big for me. Humph. 

    Since I am the ruler, I have to do the hunting, so I fly through the grass, and chase after stupid little mice. They're so easy... After I finish my hunting, it is time for a sun bath. Every good ruler takes at least five of those a day. Today is particularly warm. Just the way I like it. After I complete my bath, I quickly make my way to my favorite tree. The tree is tall, white, and has lots of leaves all over it. When other cats come near it, I fight them away, because I am tough! Through out the day I complete my work, and now it is time for me to return to the indoors, so I can curl up on my giants bed, and nap on my fuzzy blanket. The fuzzy blanket is my favorite thing. It's been with me my whole life. My giant sometimes warms it with  her body. I enjoy it when she does that. 

    When I return to my fortress, and find my fuzzy blanket, I purr in delight. My giant did not move it somewhere, how delightful. Before curling up with my blanket, I make a quick trip to my dining corner. THE BOWL IS EMPTY!! This is an outrage! Full of frustration, I run, run, run, to find my giant and make her fill up my dish. This is not how you treat an Empress! Meowing with urgency I lead my giant to my dish, and she fixes the problem right away, just like a good slave. After my giant leaves, I eat my fill then relax with my blanket. I will probably stay here until the sun goes to bed. I have it good here, but, sometime's my giants get out of hand. I really should crack down on them, they are just so stubborn! It's ridiculous. They should know I am the one in charge! 


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