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When I write, I can shake off all my cares. - Anne Frank

The Heart That Stopped Beating

September 25, 2017



Tears gently made their way down, down, down.
He pushed her away, breaking her heart.
The girls pain was an overwhelming thing.
It came so suddenly, and swept her off her feet, just like the boy had.
Love is such a silly thing.
It lies to you, and tells you that the world is perfect,
it puts a blindfold over your eyes.
But, when everything turns to dust,
that's when you finally see it all.
The emptiness.
The hole where love once was.
Why did it leave you?
 Her pain was so deep, it consumed her whole, not taking a single bite.
She was just a pill. 
Every loving word he said to her felt so fake.
So stupid.
So, so, ridiculous. 
She wanted to laugh, scream, tear her hair out.
He was a liar. 
She was the poor fool who fell for it.
 The heart break overwhelmed her.
It banished her smiles, her colorful vibrant life.
Pain stole her joy. Sorrow filled the gaps.
Love is such a silly thing.
Once its gone, you're lost.
Slowly her heart stopped beating, and her frowning face rested.
Her lover felt remorse.
Her anguish turned to peace.
And she rested in her eternal sleep. 



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