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Zoe G.

United States

dreaming of fishes and wishes

Message to Readers

Possibly any grammar/spelling/content mistakes pointed out would be helpful, as this is a rough draft. Again, this is SUPER rough! Any feedback is helpful, especially ideas for expansion


July 27, 2015

Infernia is the city below. It is built on ruins and skeletons of the city above, left carelessly by humans who would rather start anew than clean up their mess. Infernia is ash and shells and yet still seething with life.
The only difference from the city above is that Infernia is a city of criminals, although none of them know it.
The city above may seem careless by leaving behind the shards of their ancient civilization, but that is the least of it. Criminals and thieves and robbers and murderers have their memories wiped… and then are sent to Infernia to live the rest of their life where the light will never reach them.
The Infernians are fine with that.
Their memories have been wiped of light, so they do not yearn for it.
The city of Infernia is completely underground, layers and layers piled on top of each other punctuated with deep caverns and still lakes. Above Infernia, the citizens go about their daily lives ignorant of the chaos below them. They are not unaware. They’d just rather forget.
The first tier of Infernia is the business district. Shops are arranged in a spiral to make the most of the space. Most are built on top of ruins. The city above burned down a hundred years ago and instead of rebuilding the wrecks, it built above.
Now, the Infernians build all their buildings with brick to stop fires before they start. In the middle of Infernia is a seemingly endless, dark lake; Lake Infinita. Fishermen send boats out into the water to sell fish on the shores. But no children swim in the waters. There has been no discovered bottom of Lake Infinita, and no one knows what lurks down below. Many believe that the corpses of people from the old city above litter the bottom.
The next circular layer is the residential district. The boundaries are lined with brick apartment buildings, and the center of the circle is a dusty common and the only shop selling food from the city above.
Infernia is a city to forget, a city to ignore, and yet Infernia still lives on in the shadows of the city above’s perfect world.

This is completely rough and unedited! There may be grammar/spelling/content mistakes.


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