Peppermint Lemonade

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"I still fall on my face sometimes and I
Can't color inside the lines 'cause
I'm perfectly incomplete
I'm still working on my masterpiece and I
I wanna hang with the greatest gotta
Way to go, but it's worth the wait"

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The River

March 27, 2017


We locked the apartment door and I ran down the steps ahead of my mom. At every level, I tapped the bottom of the steps above (it's a habit I have). Once, I reached the ground floor, I waited for my mom. After we exited the apartment building, we started walking towards the river. It was a warm night, but not suffocating hot. The sky was veiled with clouds, already tinted pink by the setting summer sun. I held my mom's hand while we walked by other people on the sidewalk: toddlers with their parents, kids rollerskating, teenagers hanging out in small groups, couples leaning on each other. As we got closer to the river, the sidewalk became more crowded, some people had to walk in the street.
Finally, we arrived. It was so beautiful. Cattails and lily pads grew in the river. On the banks, willow trees wavered in the wind. Swans swum by, with their cygnets following close behind. Mommy bought me some ice cream at a small stand. The sun began to set, behind the tree-covered hills in the distance, turning the sky a darker shade of rouge. The city lights slowly started popping on, reflecting in the water. We walked over the bridge, surrounded by streetlamps, their warm light adding to the magic of the night.


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