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We Are Greece

July 10, 2015

PROMPT: Headlines


I’m no expert on the financial situation in Greece, but if news of Greeks rushing to withdraw money and banks closing like they did during the Depression shows up on Facebook and Snapchat, then I guess I could say the situation there is nothing short of dire. So on the surface, any slightly informed person like me would wonder why Greece would not accept help in its greatest time of need. Even if the average person doesn’t know the details of the financial situation over around the Mediterranean, that the nation will go bankrupt can be foreseen by just about anyone. After pausing for a moment though, the answer was obvious.  The reason why Greece didn’t accept help from the EU is the same reason why a struggling student doesn’t ask for help. I think this is a feeling we can all relate to. Sometimes we just don’t get something. Dates and facts go in through one ear and out the other ear. Equations and theories appear to be ancient hieroglyphs, undecipherable. We go on, confused and struggling, but we don’t ask for help. Performance goes down as we can’t keep up. Yet we still trudge on. Why is that? Are we afraid to admit defeat at the hands of a textbook? Do we not want to show weakness or vulnerability? Will we be judged for not keeping pace? Or are we proud? Do we carry a certain hard-nosed stubbornness around that makes us who we are? Are we self- made and self-maintained, reliant on our own resources? Who knows for certain, but the next time you hear about Greece rejecting the EU bailout, before making a snap judgement, just think of a time when you didn’t accept help from somebody else. Ask, “what would I do?” You’d be surprised at how many of us are just like Greece is today.


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