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By: HeyThereRose

PROMPT: Creature View

The house had once been quite. The cat would lay in the sun while the women sat quietly, reading, mostly. Sometimes the cat would wake from  drowsily to find a saucer of milk, and see the women's smiling face from the window as he lapped it up.
     then He turned up. A man with a stupid haircut and a soppy smile. there were less and less saucers of milk, books lay forgotten by the garden chair she had once read on, and the cat skulked in the garden, growing more and more invisible to the women who had once cared for him. the cat knew she was happy, there were more smiles. more laughter when He was around. she would dress up in fancy clothes and go out for dinner, while the cat waited in the derelict shed. 
     there was a time when the cat just left. roaming the forests and moors,for weeks, only to come back to see Him sitting on the seat, see them both at the window, they were constantly together. Him and Her, a team. And the cat, the cat was forgotten. 
    then one day, when Him and the women came home, the was something else with them. a baby mewling in her mothers arms. so helpless. and the cat made it his mission, to look after her, so that she would never be forgotten. 
The house is quite.A cat lies in the sun, his whiskers twitching in the sun. And beside him, a girl, smiling slightly, nose buried in a book. she puts the book down and disappears into the house. A moment latter the cat stretches, and wakes finding a saucer of milk waiting, and sees the girls face at the window, smiling. 

Peer Review

Because this story is written from a cats POV, there is a little spark added. A little immaturity and silliness from the animal. I like it.

If you continued the story, I'd like to hear more about how the cat and girl grow together and get into a little mischief, some silly fun.

Reviewer Comments

This story warmed my heart, and made me chuckle when the cat mentions the girl and Him. This is unique, and fun. I really liked it. Keep writing.