United States


March 24, 2017

PROMPT: Creature View

From the overwhelming smell of blooming flowers tinged with morning dew to the scent of oncoming rain, it was obvious to the sparrow that it was once again spring. He hopped along the ground, checking for worms that made their way upwards from the soaked ground below. The park was fluttering with life, and with it came a welcome visitor. Flapping his wings, the sparrow alighted to the park bench, which was mildly damp. The old man paid it no heed, shuffling toward it before plopping on it with a very sigh. A few minutes passed as the sparrow waited for the man to do what he's always done for the past year. With gnarled hands like the tree roots the bird explored, the old man fetched the bag of bread from his satchel. With the meal scattered on the ground, many other feathered creatures flew to the man, rapidly pecking at the welcome meal. The sparrow however, waited. A hoarse chuckle came from the man as he held out his hand to the bird, who hopped onto it expectantly. A large piece of bread hovered in front of his face, which he pecked at with ease as the man continued to laugh happily. 

Snow covered the ground as the sparrow waited for the man to come again today, but it was past the time that he usually arrived. Even so, the sparrow waited, nestled in the hollow of his tree. The man did not come, but a procession of people did, all dressed in black. Some had veiled their faces, but the ones who did not clearly showed tears pouring down them, like the rains of spring. A small girl dressed all in black waddled up to the tree, sniffling. Curious, the sparrow poked his head out of his hollow. The child noticed this and let out a quiet laugh, uncertainly holding out her hand. The sparrow, out of habit, fluttered into it, much to the child's immense joy. A piece of biscuit was held in from of his face, which he pecked at with ease as the girl continued to laugh happily. 

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